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Tankini Tops

Since summer is fast approaching, a lot of people are already going to the gym and doing all sorts of stuff to lose weight. After all, summer is the perfect time to flaunt your bodies. There are different types of swimwear that are available today. The most common types are the two-piece bikinis and... More on this page..

Hotels Gatlinburg TN

It is a 4-storey building with electronic hoist and 102 guestrooms featuring wood using furnace, whirlpool bath, coffee making machines, in-room data port, iron with boards, TV with cable and in-house customer laundering. The hotel observes no pet policy.  Sleep Inn & Suites – is said to be accessible to both Ripley’s and Ober. It features free daily morning meal to guests, warm interior swimming pool,... To read more click here...

Car Payment Calculator

Well, cars and vehicles are actually very important. Businesses and families definitely will be greatly advantaged with a presence of a car. With the help of a car payment calculator, people will now be able to see how much of their income will be needed to pay for the amortization and how much money they will have left. These calculators will be... Source..

Online Coupons Canada

With the widespread popularity of online shopping, different retailers and stores are now looking for ways to transition their stores and make an online portal for their customers. Some online stores use different techniques in marketing to increase sales and to make their brand popular... Click here to continue..

Sideways Cross Necklace

One of the most widely talked about necklace today is the sideways cross necklace. This necklace has been seen worn by many celebrities and well known people such as Jessica Biel, Vanessa Hudgens, Taylor Jacobson and Kourtney Kardashian. Along with its gaining popularity different meanings related to it are also being talked about. Some says it could mean resurrection while others says its represents the place between heaven and hell. No matter what meaning it brings out... Click here to read more..

AWD Cars

This is very important especially when driving in slippery roads and rough terrains. When a 2- wheel drive car gets stuck in a muddy trench, it is usually difficult to get out of that... Find out more...

Touch Screen Monitor

This touch screen technology is also used commercially and industrially. There are already ATM machines, cashiers, and control units for heavy equipments that have switched to these handy monitors. There are many reasons why these touch screen displays are advantageous to people. First is it saves a lot of space. Computer can be very bulky and a mouse would need to have a space to hover... More on this site..

Free Coupons By Mail

These companies can send you free coupons by mail. These coupons that you will receive from the mail can be used in most grocery stores and shops since these were made by the manufacturers and distributors themselves. These coupons were designed to increase the sales of a certain product. There are numerous reasons why companies send out these coupons by mail. First, it could be that they are creating new items and... More on this page..

On-site Computer Repair

These people are also responsible in making sure that the hardware used is functioning well based on the standards set... Read more..

Car Emergency Kit

For this reason, having emergency kits on your cars may perhaps a wise choice. With the useful items that are reasonably important when things start to go serious. This also can make you feel more secure when travelling. It is also important to make sure that... Read more..

Gifts For Grandparents

The responsibilities referred is not limited to financial aspect only but more so with the love and care like true parents and to some extent even surpassing the love and care shown by the real parents. It is only right to plan the gifts for grandparents for the very simple reason that they are loved and they very... Continue reading..

Phone Book Online

Additionally, with phone book online, you are less likely to be victimized by a fraud and others. An online phone book directory enables you to find important contact information of businesses throughout the... Read more..

Truck Rental Toronto

Renting a truck is actually very useful especially when there is a need to transport many items or heavy pieces of equipment for both office and home settings. There are actually different kinds of trucks that can be rented in the Toronto area. The first one and the most common among truck... Click here to read more..

Signs Of Depression

There are various treatments that can be given to a sufferer of depression. Minor cases of depression are easier to treat than major ones. Some of the depression treatments include cultivating passionate relationships, reprogramming negative thinking patterns, sleeping regularly and exercising, and improving... Click here to read more..

Free Canadian Coupons

If the coupons are free, then you will be able to get a true discount. When we talk about true discounts, this means you actually get the product in a lesser price in its truest sense. If you pay for the coupons and get the item at a discounted price, you have to add to the cost of the goods the price that you have paid for the coupons too. One of... Click here to continue..

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hi! I'm Natasha and this my webpage. I did this page as a task for Articles International, which is an English as a 2nd Language and Website Development program. If you want to work with me, just use the contact form found on this site. Below is my personal CV, which includes samples of online websites and content material I've composed earlier.

Graduated with distinction from APU
8 years of content creation experience (in particular for Online target audience)
6 years of web design experience.
Competent, self-motivated worker with a taste for particulars.

Work Experience.
Articles International,2009 - Present
Office manager
In control of preparing a international team of writers to accommodate a multifaceted range of growth goals and objectives.
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Self Employed Web Designer

Additional Expertise
Proficient in Indonesian
Excellent knowledge using a numerous choice of office software

Samples of my writing